SORECO presents its new visual identity and its new website

SORECO is making a step in its evolution by changing its visual identity and launching a new website in order to better reflect its international vision.

Partner of French and international companies for more than 20 years, SORECO is the leading firm in services to French and foreign companies in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Both the logo and website have been redesigned to reflect SORECO’s international vision and to highlight a 20-years-experience.

This new identity matches the evolution of the firm and the long-term strategy of SORECO. It is expressed by a new, modern and impactful branding.

« Our logo reflects the major evolutions of our firm, the year we celebrate our 20 anniversary. I am proud to share today a modern visual identity that embodies our ambitions and expertise. Our new identity shows the reality of an agile and digital firm, which accompanies its clients in their development with precision and reliability. » Stéphane DERUY, CEO and founder of SORECO.

A new visual identity with a new logo

On this occasion, SORECO adopts a new visual identity illustrated by a new logo. Deliberately colourful and bright, the logo combines colour codes expressing the future and experience, while translating the solidity and knowledge of a team of experts.

For the construction of its identity, SORECO decided to take some inspiration from the Greek alphabet, and in particular from the lowercase letter „σ“ of the letter Sigma „Σ“, which means sum in mathematics. An ancestor of the letter S, it is a symbol of continuity, but also of precision and experience.

The pictogram has been worked on to make this „σ“ unique and attributive. It becomes a dynamic signature that can be used to identify the brand on its own.

This logo is complemented by a baseline that simply and effectively evokes SORECO’s services.

A modern and functional website

SORECO is also launching a new website, in response to its international objectives. Available in 6 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian), the site has been designed to offer an optimal user experience.

These changes are the first step in a global rebranding plan for SORECO.

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Multidisziplinäre Sozietät von Wirtschaftsprüfern, Buchhaltern und Rechtsanwälten

SORECO ist eine französische Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Rechtsanwaltskanzlei mit Sitz in Madrid, Mailand, Lissabon und Barcelona, die Mitglied. Die Kanzlei wurde 2002 auf Initiative von Stéphane DERUY gegründet und hat sich seit jeher auf die Beratung französischer und ausländischer Unternehmen spezialisiert, die in Spanien, Italien und Portugal investieren.

SORECO ist spezialisiert auf die Gründung von Unternehmen in Spanien, Italien und Portugal sowie auf die buchhalterische, steuerliche, soziale und rechtliche Betreuung von Tochtergesellschaften französischer Unternehmen. SORECO bietet Dienstleistungen in den Bereichen Buchhaltung, Steuern, Recht, Personalwesen, Audit, Beratung und Outsourcing an.