Spain continues to attract French investment!

According to data from the Spanish Ministry of Trade*, with an increase of
20% increase in Direct Investment Abroad in 2021, France is the second most important country for investment in Spain.

It is behind the United States and ahead of the United Kingdom and Germany. These four countries would concentrate more than 70% of the foreign investment flows received by Spain. The community of Madrid and Catalonia remain at the top of the list of Spanish communities attracting the most foreign financing.

*Source: Secretaría de Estado de Comercio. Dirección General de Comercio Internacionale Inversiones Subdirección General de Inversiones exteriores. Registro de Inversiones. Edición: diciembre de 2021

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SORECO is specialised in the creation of companies in Spain, Italy and Portugal as well as in the accounting, tax, social and legal follow-up of subsidiaries of French companies. The services offered by SORECO are accounting, tax, legal, HR, audit and consulting and outsourcing.