Company dissolution-liquidation

Lawyers from our offices in Madrid, Milan, Lisbon and Barcelona support our clients when taking the decision to close their company in Spain, Italy or Portugal. 

Our firm assists you in the liquidation procedure of your subsidiary and principally in the following stages:

  • drawing up the liquidation balance sheet,
  • drafting of the minutes deciding the liquidation of the company,
  • assistance in the signing of extinction agreements before a notary,
  • submission of the deeds for extinction of the company to be registered in the Trade Register,
  • submission of the liquidation tax return,
  • removal of the company before the tax and social authorities.

We also assist if you wish to liquidate your company following a long period of inactivity. In this case, our firm must first:

  • reactivate the tax number of your subsidiary in Spain, Portugal or Italy,
  • regularise your situation with the tax authorities and the Trade Register.
Company dissolution-liquidation